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The rise of coffee preparation

New trends in the market of coffee in the world, continue targeting the demand for cafes more specialized, more experts to meet the needs of consumers and eager to offer your palate new experiences; to meet these expectations arise special coffees and in particular the category of coffee preparation.

An example of this phenomenon occurs in the United States, where consumers between 18 and 40 years ask for more and more specialty coffees and coffee bars require grains with certain characteristics, which differentiate your drink from other retailers and that allows them to charge a little more.

Cafes of preparation, have grains that have an additional process that improves or sets its physical characteristics, are composed of grains of special shape and size that offer consistent in time an aroma and flavor.

Experts on the subject indicate that the traditional mesh of coffee is the UCQ (usual quality of coffee), followed by those of preparation that are PD, overtime, Supreme and Premium.

Coffee preparation in turn are subdivided into:

Select coffees: their origin is of very good quality mix.

Snail coffees: Their particular characteristics are snail-shaped of its grains and its cultivation in higher areas, resulting in a unique Cup of high acidity.

Supreme coffee: This coffee grains are larger, are usually higher readiness that are marketed, are subdivided into Premium mesh #18, Supreme mesh #17; Extra special mesh #16 and Europe mesh #15.

The special characteristics of these coffees which start from their origin, roast, threshing and preparation, make that consumers should have a special experience of your senses to take it and to pay any cost without stopping to think about it.

For coffee exporters and producers, is a challenge to keep conducting different markets this type of cafes to conquer them and stay there, without neglecting what already is has colonized with the standard coffee, but no doubt prepared special market still is to develop and the range of possibilities in the still vast.

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