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The exclusive taste of coffee microlote

For connoisseurs in the field microlote coffees are the highest step on the quality scale, grains that are cultivated, benefit, roasted and exported in a very special way, resulting in a product that is unsurpassed in flavor and aroma. A more expensive than ordinary pleasure and that there is a great demand by true connoisseurs.

Microlote coffees are the so-called “third generation”, whose outstanding quality is your cup profile, as well as its marketing through small amounts that can be in bags ranging from 20 to 70 kg maximum. Its production is not online, but according to the specific characteristics of the customer, who requests it according to your taste.

Most of the qualities of taste and aroma of the coffee, are derived from the characteristics of the lot that is grown, the quality of the soil, as well as the closeness with other fruit or floral trees which make it a characteristic flavour, so these grains will never be equal to the other lot, thus are in the same building.

Two exceptional cases are coffee farms “The Alsace” in the municipality of Pijao and the farm “La Arzacia” in Salento, both in the Department of Quindío – in the coffee and “Origins Coffee Company” offers to its customers.

The coffee production of microlote – which is relatively new in Colombia, gives thanks to the geographical features and microclimates present in the country, qualities that allow for a higher gamma in this type of coffee.

Open market sale of microlote cafes

Its increasing demand in the world market by connoisseurs of coffee, makes that annually reach Colombia expeditions of agronomists and experts, in search of coffee farms that already have microlots, having strict and specific processes of culture, benefit, toasted and storage.

The selected grains are properly exported the different foreign distributors, who ask for a special price for a load and that the buyer will pay without any problem. Buyers of this type of coffee, are among the baristas and other experts, who offer them in their exclusive business or to have them in his collection of specialty coffees.

And it is that the price of coffee type microlote is quoted above traditional coffee, that is offered on the stock exchange, so it is a great source of income for the owners of farms where occurs, those who benefit by selling it directly and without intermediaries.

This upper value corresponds to the special care and effort of growers farmers, who besides giving all their dedication, also include their experience and their history of life learned from generation to generation in the coffee growing areas of Colombia.

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