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Coffee Time

Powerful antioxidant coffee

Who not was left tempted once by a cup of coffee? whether solo or accompanied by friends or family members, this drink with the passage of time has become a powerful element that binds humanity around its dark and aromatic taste, which not only brings benefits to the spirit but to the body.

And especially the Arabian organic coffee that is grown in this region of America, is a powerful antioxidant agent due to substances such as polyphenols, chlorogenic acids and melanoides that help cleanse the blood of toxins present in the food, cosmetics, medicines and metals that the organism is exposed on a daily basis.

Coffee antioxidant properties have been proven in the prevention of various degenerative such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, as well as the delay of Cellular Aging, something like a “elixhir” of eternal youth.

In this sense, various studies carried out by specialists indicate that moderate coffee consumption can establish 65% less appearance of Alzheimer’s disease and 40 to 60% less than suffer from Parkinson’s, diseases that increasingly make their appearance due to gradual aging facing the world’s population.

Coffee for the heart and beauty

The coffee is also present in the notorious hegar dilator effect cardiovascular health improvement, which makes that it is elevated to the category of food recommended in moderate amounts as wine, tea, cranberries and nuts among others.

It is positively associated in the treatment of asthma and other food allergies for their antioxidant properties, since the annoying effects of a respiratory adverse consequences that may be fatal can be controlled by consuming it.

Acquaintances are also its positive effects on the beauty as their grits are ingredients of cosmetic products with exfoliating properties, cell renewal and essential antioxidants to prevent premature aging.

So with all these arguments is time to erase from his mind the myths against this healthy beverage and consume it with tranquility and in the preparation of your preference, since it will not only take care of their interpersonal relationships but your body with benefits that will be visible in a short time.

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