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Colombian coffee tradition is taught to foreigners

The process of cultivation, production and finished for the Colombian coffee export is now taught to foreigners by specialists belonging to each of the links of the production in land quindianas, in the middle of the vast plantations of coffee in this region.

As already it has been in Central American countries and Brazil harvest, Quindio received March 30 foreigners who experienced guided by own collectors, this hard work that starts out and Sun and ends with his release.

Australians, Germans, Italians and Hondurans will live for 10 days the step by step of what happens with the cherries collected matte at the height of the main harvest (March to may), the object is for the upcoming so-called “Mitac” (October to December) harvest back another group of foreigners and learn how develops the Colombian coffee tradition.

During your stay, each performed tasks specific to the field, industrialization and the peasant preparation of this delicious beverage, that with effort and dedication are followed to the letter in the coffee farms to achieve position in the first place to the Colombian coffee.

Learning and marketing

The idea of bringing foreigners to live Colombian coffee tradition was born from a recognized producer of Quindio in partnership with European schools of coffee. The different training sessions were given by Colombian instructors and other countries on issues such as the collection, toasty, quality control, baristas and tasting, among others.

This space also served as producers and the coffee growers of the region committees movers your product with attendees, who have ties with or are distributors of coffee in their Nations, also to be messengers of the benefits of the mild climate and the beauty of the landscapes which have been designated by Unesco as “Coffee cultural landscape”

Due to the success of this laboratory, expected that 4 camps are carried out in the two seasons of harvest during the year and that also attract tourists that these dates do not regularly visit the Eje Cafetero.

When finished, this laboratory students not saved praise toward the Colombian coffee growers and industry who qualified as a careful, respectful of the environment and primarily developed with the highest standards of quality, qualities that together with the benefits of this land and an unbeatable climate have made Colombian coffee the most praised product in the whole world.

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