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What are the Brown special or value added.

Special cafes are that exceed the standard in which industry has grown to consumers of this drink, because of its unique characteristics which together with strict controls of quality of Colombian coffee, offer an added value that is perceived in its softness, Cup clean, intense aroma, acidity and medium body.

All these qualities, of course, have a higher cost than the common coffee that is bought in supermarkets, are also usually offered in specialty coffee shops and exclusive restaurants.

The object of the specialty coffees is adapted to the consumption needs of the most discerning palates and offer producers a better quality of life in compensation for his effort to deliver the best grains, as indicated by the National Federation of coffee growers of Colombia “To build long-term relationships between clients, consumers and coffee-growing communities” , through a vision of sustainability.

Colombia is a country blessed in terms of its geographical conditions and climate, which along with careful cultivation processes, benefit and classification, print you to each grain of Arabian elements necessary to obtain special cafes known and increasingly more orders in the markets of the world.

Categories of specialty coffees

The National Federation of coffee growers has divided the specialty coffees at three major categories:

Coffees of origin: they come from a single geographical location, either region, farm or crop, characteristics that give each grain the flavor of a land that takes the flavors of the crops of the sector (floral, fruit and others).

The coffees of origin are divided in turn into estate coffees, Regional and exotic. They are called by experts as the peak in the quality pyramid, example of these coffees is the origin Nariño, Cauca and Huila.

For its part, the cafes of preparation are the result of a mixture of several types of coffee of the highest quality, which are characterized by a high Cup of acidity and the upper size of its grains. This coffee can accommodate the demands of flavor, body and aroma of a client in particular. Classified as selected and Supreme.

And finally are sustainable coffees, belonging to cultures of small coffee partners, who receive a fairer compensation enabling them to plan their future and that of his family, this café is also manufactured according to environmentally friendly processes. It is classified in conservation, organic and fair trade coffees.

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