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World benchmark, Colombian coffee

The reputation of Colombian coffee is well known in all corners of the world, its softness, aroma and quality in every Cup, they are characteristics that are associated in the mind whenever talking about this great product of the South American country, so it is relevant to ask what lies behind this recognition of the Colombian coffee as a benchmark of quality in the world?

Recalling positive when it comes to coffee from Colombia, has been an effort that for more than 80 years was drawn as a strategy that, with the passage of time has been reinforcing and improving by all links in the production of this product, from the coffee farmer who cultivates, collects and benefits the coffee, to the national traders and foreigners who come to search the bags of grain , with the confidence that are in the best.

These conditions, coupled with the climate, topography (which allow it is grown almost throughout the country) and permanent remembrance of the best production practices that pass from generation to generation, joined to an advertisement that has put the Colombian coffee – farmer Juan Valdez icon, in the mind of all consumers of the drink in the world.

Synthesis is a team work that is not only with the traditional varieties of coffee, but you bet on the new trends of the market, in order to penetrate in all places where customers ask for a cup of coffee which set your preferences, so that from the National Federation of coffee growers – body which brings together the different Colombian associations of grain new brands, licensees and best coffee deals that preserve the quality of the product being promoted.

How to recognize if it is an original Colombian coffee.

Now, knowing the virtues of this drink it is important to know how to recognize, where taste and where to buy the best coffee in the world.

To begin, 100% Colombian coffee is certified with the symbol of Café de Colombia in the bag, in addition you can see symbols of guarantee of origin and geographical indication appearing clearly.

The most prestigious restaurants in the world serves 100% Colombia coffee, but it is worth asking the waiter if coffee that brings is Colombian.

Colombian coffee also Colombian, is available in almost all supermarkets of the world and to make sure that this is 100% quality can be found on the website of the National Federation of coffee growers, a section called marks 100% Colombian, in which appears the roaster and distributor of this product.

So every time you take a cup of Colombian coffee, remember that behind this drink, there are thousands of producers that make up social networks, dedicated to demonstrate the values of coffee farmers and offer – like in their homes–the best of Colombian coffee in all the tables of the world.

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