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Colombian Coffee

Coffee, Culture and Tradition

We are not just another coffee brand. Etnia coffee represents a collective of dedicated and passionate individuals who have devoted their lives to the pursuit of coffee perfection. Our team has immersed themselves in the art of roasting, carefully studying the delicate balance of heat and time which unlocks the unique flavors hidden within each bean.

Our Journey

Embark on a daily journey to Colombia's rainforest with Etnia Coffee. Nestled at 1,800 meters above sea level, Colombia's rainforest cradles the cultivation of some of the world's purest coffee beans. With its dark color, texture, earthy aroma, and warmth, Etnia embodies the essence of Colombia and its coffee-making tradition. Our premium coffee is the result of generations of Colombians perfecting the art of growing some of the best coffee in the world. Savor a cup of Etnia Coffee and instantly experience the magic of Colombia’s rainforest, no matter where you are.

100% Colombian Passion

Thriving at an elevtation of 1,800 meters over sea level, amidst the embrace of volcanic soils and verdant climate. Beans are gently roasted to 420-480°F to sweetly caramelize sugars and unveil deep, intense flavors.

Experience the rich and vibrant flavors of Colombia

Experience the harmonious blend of balanced acidity, enticing aromas, and delightful nutty and fruity notes that resound in every sip. Nestled in 12 oz. cans, every bean is tenderly preserved to ensure it reaches your table in the freshest and most vibrant state.

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